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The Law of Success In Sixteen Lessons- By Napolean Hill

After twenty-six years of research, including interviews with more than 500 self-made millionaires, laid the foundation for his massive collection. Napoleon studied the accomplishments of masterminds such as Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Andrew carnage, Theodore Roosevelt and Alexander Graham Bell. Napoleon hill assembled his learning, has put all his learning together and offer that learning to the world as THE LAW OF SUCCESS BOOK. His book The law of success is easy to read books. He wrote a book in such a way that it can be taught to high school students. This book is a self-development guru which shows us the road to success with timeless wisdom.

The Law of Success In Sixteen Lessons Summary:

Author says that

1. You can do it if you believe you can, this is a course on the fundamentals of success,

2. Success is very largely a matter of adjusting one’s self to the ever changing and varying environment of life.

3. People should learn to adjust themselves in the ever changing environment of life with peace and with spirit of harmony, harmony is based upon the understanding of the forces constituting one’s environment, therefore, this course is, in reality, a blueprint which may follow straight to success, this course helps people to interpret, understand and make the most of these environmental forces of life.

4. Author says that this course is prepared for serious minded people who devote at least a portion of their time to the business of succeeding in life, author says that the course which he has written has two-fold nature, first to help the earnest people to find out what are their weaknesses and secondly to help them to create a definite plan for tackling those weaknesses.

5. Author says that every successful person on earth have had a correct certain weak point in their personalities before they began to succeed,  author says the weaknesses which stand between people and their success are Intolerance, greed, jealousy, revenge, egotism, the tendency to reap where they haven’t sown, cupidity and habit of spending more than they earn.

6. All these enemies of mankind and other too which isn’t mentioned create problems between people and their success, all these problems and enemies have been covered under the law of success in such a manner that any person of reasonable intelligence may master them with little effort or inconvenience.


Fifteen Laws of Success:

1. Definite Chief Aim

Will teach you how you can save your wasted effort which the majority of people expend in trying to find their life work, this lesson will teach you how you can avoid aimless life and how you can fix your heart and hand upon some definite and can find conceived purpose as a life-work.

2. Self-Confidence

This lesson will help you to master the six basic fears with which every person is cursed the fear of poverty, the fear of ill health, the fear of old age, the fear of criticism, the fear of loss of someone, and fear of death, this lesson will teach you the difference between egotism and real self-confidence all this teaching is based on real definite usable knowledge.

3. Habit of Saving

This lesson will teach you about how to distribute your income systematically so that a definite percentage of it will steadily be accumulated, author says that no one can succeed in life without saving money, there is no exception to this rule and no one may escape it.

4. Initiative & Leadership

In this lesson, author will teach you that how you can become a leader in your chosen field, this lesson will develop in you the instinct of leadership which will gradually move you to the top of understanding in which you participate.

5. Imagination

This lesson will stimulate your mind so that get new ideas and can develop new plans which will help you attain the object of your definite chief aim, this lesson will teach you that how you can build new houses out of the same old stones.

6. Enthusiasm

This lesson will help you gel up with everyone whom you come in contact with the interest in you and in your ideas, Author says that enthusiasm is a part of pleasing personality and this kind of personality is must in order to influence others to co-operate with you.

7. Self-Control

In this lesson you will learn that Self-control is like a balance wheel in which you will control your enthusiasm and move it to the direction where you wish it to carry you, this chapter will teach you how you can be the master of your fate and captain of your soul.

8. Habit of Doing More Than Paid For

This is one of the most important lesson of law of success course, this lesson will teach you that how you can take advantage of the law of increasing returns, which will eventually insure you a return in money far out of proportion to the service you render, author says that no one can be the real leader of life unless they don’t practice the habit of doing more work and better work than that for which they are paid.

9. Pleasing Personality

Author says that pleasing personality is a fulcrum on which you must place the crow-bar of your efforts and when it is placed with intelligence then it will enable you to remove mountains of obstacles.

10. Accurate Thinking

Author says that this is one of the most important foundation stones of all enduring success, in this lesson you will learn how to separates facts with information, this lesson will teach you how you can organize known facts into two classes first under important and second under unimportant.

11. Concentration

This lesson will teach you how to have maximum attention on one subject at a time until you have worked out practical plans for mastering that subject.

12. Cooperation

This lesson will teach you the value of team work in everything you do, this lesson will teach you how you can apply the law of master-mind, and this lesson will teach you how you can co-ordinate your efforts with others.

13. Profting by Failure

This lesson will teach you how you can move ahead from all your past and future mistakes, how to make stepping stones out of all of your past and future mistakes and failures, this will teach you the difference between failure and temporary defeat.

14. Tolerance

This lesson will teach you how you can avoid the disastrous effects of racial and religious prejudices, it means people poisoned their mind in foolish arguments related to these subjects which becomes the major reason for their setback, author says that no one can become an accurate thinker without practicing tolerance, author says that intolerance closes the book of knowledge, and never allow person to move towards the success journey.

15. Practicing Golden Rule

This lesson will teach you how to make use of this great universal law of human conduct in such a manner that you can easily get a tuneful co-operation from any individual or group of people, author says that lack of understanding of the law upon which golden rule of philosophy is based is the major reason for millions of people failure.

This is the end of The Law of Success In Sixteen Lessons Summary. this is another amazing book written by Napoleon Hills and you must read it hence if you want to understand each lesson of this book in more detail then do buy this book from a given link:

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