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Follow your Passion is a BIG MYTH - Dr VJ RAJ

I know when you read this line, possibly you did not feel agree to me because, since our childhood to adulthood, many trainers, coaches, teachers, and people of your close circle always use this line “ Follow your passion”. They have conditioned your brain according to this line and your subconscious mind has accepted this also. So being a Life Purpose Coach, I; Dr. Vj Raj, India’s First Purposepreneur Coach, felt that I must help people to clear this big myth.

What is Passion? Let’s explore it in simple terms and examples. Suppose you are 13-14 years boy/girl and you feel playing football or hockey or cricket makes you happy, makes you excited or it passionate you. Whatever you feel its all about you. It's about you it means it’s an inward impact. It’s a selfish feeling or emotion because it makes you happy. And when you were in the twenties you changed your passion, because your interest changed. Possibly your interest in the opposite gender and you became passionate for a girl or a boy.

Later on when you were in the thirties or when you will be in thirties, you changed your passion for other work, maybe in the job, maybe in self-employed, maybe in any startup or business.

So have you noticed in your life, you keep changing passion as per your interest with time. So its not a directive force to become successful, it’s one of the reasons for temporary happiness. It gives you spark for a moment. It pushes you to do your best for a few moments. It makes you feel good, it's about “Do what you like or love”. It is inwardly focused, it’s a selfish feeling, it comes and goes, it's for you only, it contributes to you only.

But Purpose, it’s a different thing all about. It has many roles in your life. In my opinion, the best example to know what purpose is, just think about your parents once. Your mother and father, are they passionate about you, or do they have a purpose for you. They are doing lots of hard work for you, is it passion or a purpose for you. The purpose is a selfless feeling, it’s a long term decision, it can't be stopped by any challenge or problem, it’s a way of your energy, it’s a why behind our parent's hard work, care, love about us. The purpose is an outward impact, it's about “do what contribute”.

Let's make it clear with more examples, I love traveling, so if my passion is traveling then should my purpose is to write a travel blog, no it's not like that. My purpose can be to explore the world to know more about common life so that I can inspire people with their stories.

I am passionate about writing, then my purpose should be to become the best selling author, no it's not a purpose. It can be passion only because it's about me, it's my selfish feeling to be best selling author. My purpose must be to write stories or give value so that people read and they can come out from their life problems. To contribute to others life is a purpose, to contribute only to my life is passion.

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Talk to yourself, see your kids, see your parents, and find out what they do passionately or purposefully. PURPOSE IS MORE POWERFUL THAN PASSION

Thanks for reading. Please share your feedback.

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