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Do you have a Purpose in your life?

Since our childhood we are forced and taught to adapt the rules and purposes of our family and society. During the stages of your mental and physical growth you are conditioned by wrong purposes and beliefs of other persons. so when we grow up, we face lots of challenges to accept the things going around us. Since our purpose is not matching with the surrounding we are living in, we start judging and creating conflicts in our mind subconsciously.

The big challenge is even you are also not aware of the changes happening daily subconsciously and you think you likes, dislikes and interest are not valuable. You start comparing yourself and your actions, against the things which are not the purpose of your life. one starts feeling anxiety toward a unknown fear. one starts complaining to himself. one starts finding sources of happiness and finally get trapped in a unhealthy addiction.

I have gone through the same feelings, even more worse than these. I faced all challenges in my life till the age of 30. Later on after 2 years of research, meditations, reading books, blogs, webinar, seminar and videos I found and created an amazing but powerful POL- Blueprint which can help people to come-out from all these unhealthy thoughts and help them to find the meaningful purpose of live. Each human being and creature has a meaningful purpose of life. If you are able to find it, then life will become really happier and if you are not able to find it, then Dr VJ RAJ India's First Purposepreneur is here to help you.

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