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Digital Business



A unique system that is the ultimate combination of many top coaches of India and the world like Dan Lok, Grant Cardon, Siddarth Rajsekar, Avi Arya, Geetika Saigal, Rahul Bhatnagar, Saurabh Bhatnagar, etc. for the development of Digital Business.

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The Digital Business System can help

you to learn How to do


Self Branding to engage and grab more clients


How to touch heart and emotions of people


How to design your knowledge and experience into product


How to get high paying clients for cunsulting

what do people say about Digital Business System

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Dr Satish, Dental Surgeon

Every day I thank Dr. VJ Raj and the Digital Business System system as I upgraded my dentistry on digital platforms and I doubled up my practice and profit. 

Lavi Rajput, Fashionpreneur

The Digital Business System by Dr VJ RAJ helped me to launch my Modelling  and Clothing Business online to 3x my profit in COVID lockdown

Pankaj Gupta, Engipreneur

I live in Amsterdam, Netherland, I opted for The Digital Business System and converted my knowledge and skills into a digital coaching system.

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             The Digital Biz System Master Bundle is an ultimate program where you will learn how to start your own digital business online in just 15 days with your present job and profession with your present knowledge and experience without any technical skills.

        This system is also designed for people who are in jobs and want to start an online business. Here you will learn each and every necessary step to launch your digital business.

You are going to learn:

  1. How to Find Purpose, passion, and vision

  2. How your personality decides your success

  3. The sweet spot of life and Business

  4. Wheel of life and Business

  5. Your specific Niche-Micro-niche as per P3 Concept

  6. Basic fundamentals of online Business

  7. Demo classes with the live example

  8. Complete Digital Marketing course

  9. Complete Social Media Marketing course

  10. Complete videos making mastery course

  11. How to create and edit course

  12. Selling Platforms and sales funnel

  13. Hand holding till you make money

  14. VIP group benefits



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